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Questions and Answers

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Booking/Paying for your trip

Do I have to make a deposit? >>
When is our balance due payable? >>
How do I make a payment? >>
What is your Refund & Cancellation policy? >>
Can we pay direct in to your bank account? >>
Do you accept credit cards? >>
Do you accept payments via PayPal? >>
Can we make a payment by cheque? >>

Airport Transfers

Can we start/finish at any airport? >>
How will we find our driver at the airport? >>

Day Tours & Shore Excursions from Cork

Can I just book a seat on your bus? >>
Can you help us plan our itinerary? >>
Can you help with visits, tee-times, etc? >>
Will our bus tour itinerary be flexible? >>
Will our driver also be our guide? >>
Is there is minimum booking duration? >>
Do we need to pre-book visits, tee-times, etc? >>
Where will we find our driver? >>

Complaints - Breakdowns

What if I am not happy? >>
What happens in the event of a breakdown? >>


Where can I retrieve lost luggage? >>
Is there wifi on board? >>
Can we smoke/drink on board? >>
Can you supply a Childs car chair/booster seat? >>
Can you supply a wheelchair? >>

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